Palestinian truck torched in apparent price tag attack

JERUSALEM (JTA) — A truck in a West Bank Palestinian village was torched in an apparent price tag attack.

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The truck in the Beit Ummar village was completely burned, and graffiti spray painted on a nearby wall read: “Price tag,” “A good Arab is a dead Arab,” “Today in property, tomorrow lives,” and “Revenge from Yitzhar,” the French news agency AFP reported. The attack occurred overnight Monday and was discovered on Tuesday.

Yitzhar is a settlement in the northern West Bank that is home to many extremist settlers.

“Price tag” refers to the strategy that Jewish extremists have adopted to exact a price in attacks on Palestinians and Arabs in retribution for settlement freezes and demolitions, or for Palestinian attacks on Jews.

The attack came after a weekend in which settler youth and Israeli soldiers clashed over the evacuation of the Oz Zion outpost near the Beit El settlement.

Last week, three residents of Jewish West Bank settlements were indicted for carrying out a “price tag” attack near Hebron earlier this month. 

Also on Tuesday, Palestinians and settlers from the Esh Kodesh outpost clashed after Palestinians attempted to a plough land that both sides claim as their own. Israeli soldiers at the scene also were attacked with rocks, Israel Radio reported. 

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