Palestinian arrested wearing suspected explosives vest

Cnaan Liphshiz

(JTA) — Israeli troops arrested a Palestinian man wearing what appeared to be an explosive vest.

The man, who is in his 20s, was arrested at Tapuach Junction in the West Bank near Nablus by Border Police officers who frisked him at a check point, Army Radio reported Friday.

The officers found 12 iron pipes stashed inside the coat, according to the news site Ynet. The officers stopped the man because they suspected he was trying to conceal something in his coat.

According to Army Radio, the vest had several charges of explosives which had been wired together. Ynet, however, reported authorities were not immediately certain the pipes contained explosives.

According to Ynet, the suspect said he intended to detonate the pipes, which were interconnected by metal wires.

Border Police sealed off the area and called in sappers who examined the coat.