OSCE renews AJC’s Baker in top anti-Semitism slot


The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe renewed the posting of Rabbi Andrew Baker of the American Jewish Committee to its top anti-Semitism post.

On Wednesday, AJC said that the OSCE had reappointed Baker to be its personal representative for combating anti-Semitism.

The 55-member coordinating body, which includes the United States, has led the effort to educate against anti-Jewish bias in Europe over much of the last decade.

The AJC in its release quoted Eamon Gilmore, the Irish foreign minister and current OSCE chairman, as describing the appointment as “a distinct and important element of the OSCE’s efforts to combat discrimination and promote tolerance.”

Baker leads AJC’s relations with the OSCE in his capacity as the Jewish group’s director of international Jewish affairs. He is one of three OSCE personal representatives; another handles anti-Muslim bias, and another deals with other minorities.

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