One Jew, One Vote: Letty Cottin Pogrebin, 77

Ben Sales

Letty Cottin Progrebin

Letty Cottin Progrebin

Every weekday through Election Day, JTA will post a brief profile of one Jewish voter.

Name: Letty Cottin Pogrebin

Age: 77

Lives: New York

Works: Author

Voting for: Hillary Clinton

“I would like to live long enough to vote for a woman for president, and this woman is the right woman for the job. I’ve known her personally since 1991. I know her commitment to childcare and family. I know she’s devoted her life to advancing women’s rights. Her feminism is absolutely true north. I would like her to be more ingratiating, because people seem to have trouble with powerful women. People seem to have trouble accepting her clothes, her looks, her hair.

“As a Jew, I feel I’m going to be terrified if Trump wins. The man has a mean streak that’s going to sully us and make us vulnerable. And I feel, given the outpouring of hate he uncorked, we’re gonig to be in a very fragile state in this country.”