Ohio’s Health Dept. director resigns after backlash over stay-at-home orders


Amy Acton, the Department of Health director in Ohio who came under fire for the stay-at-home orders to stem the coronavirus crisis, including armed protesters carrying signs with anti-Semitic messages, has resigned.

Acton will become the chief health adviser to Gov. Mike DeWine.

Since the start of the pandemic, Acton, who is Jewish, was compared to the Nazis for supporting a reopening plan that included issuing certificates of immunity to businesses, and a “globalist,” an anti-Semitic slur, for extending stay-at-home orders in May.

Last month, the state’s House of Representatives passed legislation to limit Acton’s powers. Ohio began lifting coronavirus restrictions in stages on May 4.

Protesters gathered in front of her Columbus-area home on weekends, some carrying guns and shouting slogans or carrying signs bearing anti-Semitic and sexist rhetoric, The Washington Post reported.

“While I’m pleased that Dr. Acton will continue to advise Governor DeWine on health issues, I can’t help but be disappointed by her resignation as health director,” Kenny Yuko, the state Senate’s minority leader, a Democrat, told the Columbus Dispatch. “She endured an incredible amount of unfair criticism, including some anti-Semitic attacks. All those who have insulted, harassed or threatened her and her family should be ashamed.”