NYT ❤ ‘Fill the Void’

The New York Times can’t get enough of “Fill the Void,” the no-longer-new film by haredi Orthodox director Rama Burshtein.

The paper has run nearly half a dozen stories featuring the film; the latest piece, by A.O. Scott, appeared Friday. So if you get that deja-vu feeling when you thumb through the paper, it’s not just because the Israelis and Palestinians haven’t changed their tune in years.

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Here is a sampling of Times headlines on “Fill the Void” stories:

“Filmmakers Who Are Ultra-Orthodox and Ultracommitted” – Oct. 18, 2012

“An Unconventional Look at Orthodoxy” – May 3, 2013

“For a Hasidic Woman, Weighing the Personal Against Larger Duties” – May 23, 2013

You can also read JTA’s piece on the movie that Josh Tapper wrote last September — but, alas, it’s all we’ve got.

Uriel Heilman is JTA’s managing editor, responsible for coordinating JTA’s editorial team. He re-joined JTA in 2007 after a stint doing independent reporting in Israel and the Arab world. Before that, he served as New York bureau chief of the Jerusalem Post. An award-winning journalist, he has served as JTA’s news editor and worked as a reporter for a variety of publications in the United States and in Israel.