Nigerian firebomb victim deported

JERUSALEM (JTA) — A Nigerian man who ran a Tel Aviv day care center that was firebombed in an anti-African migrant attack was deported to his home country.

Austin Akachukneu and his wife, Blessing, ran a day care center for the children of African migrants in south Tel Aviv. In April, it was one of four apartments, three of which housed migrants from Sudan and Eritrea, as well as at a public park where some migrants sleep, that were attacked by firebombs in one night. No one was injured in the incidents, but some of the structures were damaged.

Akachukneu had been trying in recent weeks to renew his work visa, which expired several months ago, his wife told the Jerusalem Post.

Akachukneu was deported Wednesday morning. His wife and two children remain in Israel, though her visa has expired as well, according to the newspaper.  

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