New Zealand leader awarded WZO’s Jerusalem Prize

SYDNEY, Australia (JTA) – A longstanding Jewish leader in New Zealand was awarded the Jerusalem Prize by the World Zionist Organization, the first Kiwi to receive the prestigious award.

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David Zwartz received the award in Auckland on April 21 at the annual Yom Haatzmaut celebration.

Shalom Cohen, Israel’s interim ambassador, and David Robinson, Israel’s honorary consul, presented the World Zionist Organization’s Jerusalem Prize to Zwartz.

The Wellington-based leader was honorary Israeli consul from 2003 to 2008. He is a former president of the New Zealand Jewish Council and currently serves as chairman of the Wellington Regional Jewish Council as well as project advisor to the New Zealand Children’s Holocaust Memorial.

“It is gratifying that this is the first time the Jerusalem Prize has been awarded in New Zealand, and also that the citation included reference to service to the New Zealand Jewish community,” Zwartz told JTA. “It means that the WZO recognizes that strong Diaspora communities are as important to Zionism as the more visible work for Israel.”

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