New Knesset bill aims to restrict foreign funding of NGOs

(JTA) — A new bill introduced in the Knesset aims to restrict foreign funding of left-wing NGOs.

The bill, according to reports, targets groups that call directly or indirectly for boycott, divestment and sanctions against the state of Israel. It would also apply to groups that advocate the trial of Israel Defense Forces officers in international courts. NGOs that reject Israel’s Jewish and democratic character, or incite racism or violence against Israel also fall under the bill.

Such organizations would be able to accept a maximum of $5500 in funding from foreign government entities. According to Haaretz, the restrictions would apply to an organization with one employee or board member who advocates these positions.

The bill is based on a similar bill from 2011, which failed to pass the Knesset.

“Even today, foreign governments, through their support of extremist organizations, are involved in the unrelenting efforts to destroy the Jewish and democratic character of Israel,” said Ayelet Shaked, a Jewish Home MK who introduced the bill, according to the Times of Israel.