Netanyahu thanks Christian Zionists in Netherlands for support

(JTA) — Benjamin Netanyahu cleared 20 minutes from the schedule of his visit to the Netherlands to thank the country’s leading Christian Zionist activist and chief rabbi for their support for the Jewish state and its people.

The Israeli Prime Minister on Wednesday called Roger van Oordt, director of the Christians for Israel organization. He also telephoned Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs, the offices of both men said in statements to the media.

“This was a good visit, but it was too short, and I didn’t get to see our best friends in the world,” Netanyahu told a beaming van Oordt, in explaining why they were speaking over the phone rather than in person.

“I wanted to call and show my deep appreciation, and we know we have no better friends on earth than you,” Netanyahu said on speakerphone to the board of Christians for Israel – an international pro-Israel advocacy and charity organization based near Amsterdam whose 30 affiliates worldwide have hundreds of thousands of members.

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Van Oordt said his group was privileged to be phoned by Netanyahu, who said: “I should say I’m the privileged one. We, the people of Israel are the privileged ones in this partnership, this alliance, which is growing strong and based on the deepest values and the deepest, most rich history of culture and faith.”

Earlier this year, Christians for Israel’s Dutch affiliate urged its thousands of supporters to buy West Bank settlement goods to counterbalance a government-backed plan to issue special labels for products made by Jewish settlers in that area, which are widely-perceived as aimed at bringing down sales and generating pressure on Israel to cede territory to the Palestinians.

Also last year, Christians for Israel opened an affiliate in Ukraine, where the group for years has been engaged in efforts to help Jews immigrate to Israel and strengthen their Jewish identities in existing communities. Also involved in this effort is Dutch Chief Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs, who is a personal friend of van Oordt.

Netanyahu thanked Jacobs, a Chabad rabbi who is outspoken in media in his support for Israel and defense of its actions as designed to fight terrorism, for his efforts as an advocate of Israel in the Netherlands and for his cooperation with Christians for Israel, which is unusual in its scope for a Haredi rabbi of his position.

Netanyahu’s two-day visit to the Netherlands, which ended Wednesday, featured some unpleasant incidents from the prime minister’s point of view. Hours before Netanyahu’s arrival, a former Dutch prime minister, Dries van Agt, told a public broadcaster that Netanyahu was a war criminal who should be tried in The Hague, rather than visit it as a head of state. And on Wednesday, a Dutch lawmaker with many Muslim supporters demonstratively refused to shake Netanyahu’s hand.