Netanyahu says he will pitch at least five ways to undo the Iran deal to Trump

Ron Kampeas

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he would present to President-elect Donald Trump multiple options to dismantle the Iran nuclear deal.

“There are ways, various ways of undoing it,” Netanyahu said in an interview on CBS’ “60 Minutes” broadcast Sunday. “I have about five things in my mind.” He said he would not reveal the options until he speaks with Trump once he assumes office after Jan. 20.

Netanyahu vigorously opposed the sanctions relief for nuclear rollback exchange reached last year between Iran and six major powers led by the United States, saying that it paved the way to an Iranian nuclear weapon. President Barack Obama pressed through the deal, saying it was the only viable way to keep Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

Trump has said the deal is a “bad” one but has not committed to dismantling it. Trump’s pick for defense secretary, James Mattis, also opposed the deal, but has said since its implementation a year ago that now that it is in place, it should be enforced and not dismantled.

One of the challenges of dismantling the deal would be to persuade the international community to reimpose sanctions without showing that Iran is substantially violating its terms.