Netanyahu in media blitz warns world powers on any Iran deal

Marcy Oster

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a media blitz warned world powers against signing a “surrender agreement” that Iran is seeking.

Netanyahu appeared Sunday in interviews in each of the six countries negotiating with Iran over its nuclear program. On the same day, a high-ranking Israeli delegation left for talks in Washington.

Netanyahu appeared within one hour on media outlets from each of the P5+1 world powers: the United States (CNN), Great Britain (Sky), Germany (ARD radio), China (CCTV), France (France 24) and Russia (Channel 1 Russia).

In the interviews, Netanyahu said an agreement with Iran should include the dismantling of its nuclear weapons’ capabilities and their removal, like the deal reached with Syria over its chemical weapons.

The Israeli delegation headed for Washington was led by Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz and included several members of the intelligence community.

Israel asked for the meetings on June 24, and Washington agreed to attend despite the last-minute request, Ynet reported. The delegation is scheduled to meet with Under Secretary of State Wendy Sherman and U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Bill Burns, among others.

It is expected to call on the United States, as part of the P5+1, not to compromise too far in its negotiations with Iran and to prevent Iran from retaining its nuclear enrichment capability for projects beyond civilian use.