NCJW, Reform sign on to support contraceptive coverage as ‘moral good’

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Two national Jewish groups joined an interfaith statement affirming mandatory contraceptive coverage as a “moral good.”

“We affirm, in accordance with each of our faith traditions, that ensuring equal access to contraceptives through insurance coverage is a moral good,” said the statement signed by 45 groups and appearing Tuesday on the website of the Religious Institute, a group that advocates for “sexual health, education and justice.”

“Including contraceptives as a covered service does not require anyone to use it; excluding contraceptive coverage for those who choose to plan and space their families with modern methods of birth control will effectively translate into coercive childbearing for many,” according to the statement.

Among the groups signing the statement were the National Council for Jewish Women and Women of Reform Judaism. The statement comes just weeks before the Supreme Court considers laws mandating such coverage.

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