N.Y. attorney general settles with company over Shabbat dispute

By Ben Sales, JTA

NEW YORK — State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced a settlement with a company accused of discriminating against a Shabbat-observant employee.

According to a press release put out by the attorney general, a new hire at Milrose Consultants, complained that the company rescinded its job offer after learning that the employee would at times have to leave work early on Friday to get home before sundown. In 2011, the attorney general began investigating the complaint.

The settlement will require Milrose, an architectural and engineering consulting firm, to put a religious accommodations policy in place that accords with state law, explain that policy to employees and train managers to comply with it.

“A company depriving current or future employees of their religious rights is intolerable — no one’s employment should be endangered because he or she observes the Sabbath,” Schneiderman said in the press release.