Musical Jews: Action Bronson

Action Bronson (Facebook)

Action Bronson (Facebook)

While we here at 6noBacon often focus on the big names in Jewish music like Barbra Streisand, Bob Dylan, and the Beastie Boys, we thought it would be fun to change it up a bit and focus also on the lesser known names of Jewish musicians. For this first installment we look at a young rapper who gave up his career as a gourmet chef for the world of rap.

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Arian Asllani, A.K.A. ‘Action Bronson’  is a bullish white, Jewish and Albanian rapper who proudly reps his Forest Hills, Queens upbringing and mixed lineage. Bronson, 28, was born to ‘ a hippy, white woman; Jewish mother from Brooklyn and an Albanian immigrant father.

Asllani began his career as a gourmet chef and made a swift transition to the rap scene in 2011 with his debut studio album Dr. Lecter. Like many rappers,  Bronson spits vulgar rhymes about hookers and cars, but also extracts from his culinary history to spice up his rap repertoire:

“We eat the lamb, duck, goose, beef, or chicken

Two seater shiftin’ with the smooth Cedar Strippin’

First pressed virgin oil from the Greek Border

Cracked pepper motherf—– I’mma grinder for certain

Bronsonelli chef de cuisine I flex the two seam

Barbecue the venison, pair it with a great stout.”

Besides having a deep affinity for food like many of us stomach-driven Jews, Bronson also has paid tribute to a former heavy weight Jewish wrestler with a track titled, “Barry Horowitz.”

Bronson, with his brusque and husky voice, has been compared to rap legend Ghostface Killah of Wu Tang Clan. But according to him, “I’m not a Las Vegas act. I do me. This is my voice. I sound like nobody, I sound like me.”

Only a year and a half deep in the rap game, Bronson continues to eat and spit his way through New York with his newest song,”Strictly for my Jeeps:”

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