Meet Esther, the new (Jewish?) “Queen of Persia”

Esther, Bravo's new

Esther, Bravo’s new “Queen of Persia,” hanging with some hot-tub attendants (Wikimedia Commons)

Remember Esther, the “Queen of Persia” contestant who scored big points with the audience — and the king — when she touched his scepter (no innuendo intended) during the final date round? Well it turns out the winner of the Bravo reality series might just be a member of the tribe. And you know how much we love speculating about the Jewishness of celebrities – after all, we all need to know who to root for on TV contests. Remember that time “Chopped” had an Israeli chef but he lost in the first round? National tragedy.

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While Esther hasn’t yet spoken out about her heritage, according to TMZ, sources close to King Ahasuerus claim she has Jewish roots.

“Yeah, she’s totally Jewish,” says Haman, a minister in Ahasuerus’ government who’s not shy about speaking to the paparazzi. “Probably. I mean, look at that lush curly hair. Anyway, she’s also been spotted hanging out with some disheveled guy named Mordechai – total giveaway, right there.”

Haman’s not the only one convinced Esther is a full-on MoT.

“That bitch is at least as Jewish as I am,” says “Shahs of Sunset” star Reza Farahan, who has a Muslim mother and Jewish father, “And also almost as hot.”

Esther did not respond to interview requests, but we’re hoping to learn more about the mysterious beauty on her upcoming spin-off, “Totally Public Fasting:The Esther Diet.”

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Jana Banin is the blogger for 6 Degrees No Bacon.