Manhattan shrink charged with attempting to murder her son’s father


(JTA) — A Manhattan psychiatrist was indicted for attempted murder in 2012 of the father of her son.

The indictment alleges that Pamela Buchbinder enlisted her young cousin to bludgeon and stab Michael Weiss, whop is also a psychiatrist, in the alleged victim’s West 57th Street home office, the New York Post reported Thursday.  The report did not say how Buchbinder, who had denied any wrongdoing during the 5-year investigation, pleaded.

The two parents had been arguing over visitation for their then-6-year-old son, and three days before Weiss’s would-be murder, Buchbinder had successfully demanded that he name her as beneficiary on his $1.5 million life insurance policy.

Weiss, meanwhile, survived the brutal attack, and has won full custody of the boy.

Buchbinder is expected to be arraigned Friday in Manhattan Supreme Court on charges of attempted murder, burglary and assault, the Post reported.

Buchbinder’s cousin, Jacob Nolan, 25, of Ronkonkoma, LI, last year was convicted and sentenced in the brutal bludgeoning.

Weiss was Nolan’s biggest advocate as the young man was sentenced in July, 2016 to 9.5 years prison for attempted murder, assault and burglary.

“I have no personal desire to punish Jake,” Weiss said at sentencing of the man who nearly beat him to death. “I understand that a long prison sentence will not undo what has happened or restore the sense of security that has been forever taken from me.”

During Nolan’s trial, Weiss told the Manhattan judge that Buchbinder was the real culprit, manipulating the mentally vulnerable young man into committing the gruesome crime.

In 2015, as the two parents continued to spar over visitation, Weiss’s lawyer told a Manhattan Family Court judge that Buchbinder drew the map that Nolan used to find Weiss’s address and office.

At the same Family Court proceeding, Weiss’s side showed the judge photos of Buchbinder and Nolan buying a sledgehammer together at Chelsea Home Depot the night before the attack.