Limmud’s Helena Miller wins Max Fisher Prize for education


A co-chairman of Limmud International, Helena Miller, was awarded the Max Fisher Prize for Jewish Education in the Diaspora.

Miller is the first British woman chosen to receive the annual prize, which will be presented in Jerusalem in June. he prize is awarded by the L.A. Pincus Fund.

Miller, director of Research, Evaluation and Living Bridge Programs at the United Jewish Israel Appeal in London, is a 30-year Limmud veteran.

“Limmud was a crucial influence on my development as a Jewish educator,” said Miller, the lead editor of “The International Handbook of Jewish Education.” “It broadened my understanding of what contribution could be made to the Jewish people.”

Miller helped establish the first pluralist Jewish secondary school in Britain and organized the master’s program in Jewish education at Leo Baeck College. She is the chair of Pikuach, the inspection service for Jewish schools.

She initiated “Jewish Lives,” a research project to explore the changing Jewish lives of families whose children are at Jewish secondary schools, in partnership with the Melton Center at Hebrew University, and established the annual UK Jewish Educational Research Conference.