Likud Party holds primaries

Marcy Oster

The Likud Party of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went to the polls for party primaries to determine its candidates’ list for the upcoming national elections.

The list determines the order in which Likud lawmaker hopefuls will enter the country’s 120-seat parliament, following the March 17 election which will determine the number of seats the party will receive.

Polls for the Likud primary opened on Wednesday morning in 600 sites throughout the country.  Some 95,000 party members are eligible to vote to fill 38 available spots, though the party likely will only garner up to 25 seats according to current survey data. Some 70 candidates are vying for the spots. The polls close at 10 p.m. on Wednesday. Results are not expected until the end of the week.

Netanyahu is expected to be reelected as party leader.