Lena Dunham posts wedding plans on Instagram

You probably think Lena Dunham is nothing like the lovely cast members of “Princesses: Long Island.” You are most definitely wrong.

Not only is the “Girls” creator a Jewish woman dating a Jewish guy (Fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff), but like the reality starlets, she too harbors elaborate wedding fantasies. On Saturday Dunham posted to Instagram this sketch of her dream “Pretty In Pink” style wedding dress, accompanied by a list of the music (Sade) and food (Tofurkey) to be featured at her nuptials.

“An upsetting document from 2002, back when I was fienden’ to get hitched,” Dunham’s caption reads.

Okay, so she did draw this up when she was 16. Since the princesses are all mentally 16, though, we felt it was okay to draw the comparison.

Lena Dunham's sketch. (Instagram)

Lena Dunham’s sketch. (Instagram)

Jana Banin is the blogger for 6 Degrees No Bacon.