Kosher ban is okay with Jewish supporters of Germany’s far right party


(JTA) — Jewish supporters of the German far-right Alternative for Deutschland  party said they support a ban on kosher slaughter since it could significantly help the party politically.

The AfD party’s platform has long included support for a ban on kosher slaughter in Germany, as well as the import and sale of kosher meat, in line with its opposition to halal, or Islamic ritual slaughter.

A Jewish group supporting the party announced its incorporation in October, and was swiftly condemned by other German Jewish groups.

“Enabling kosher slaughter is important for Jews, but not essential for survival,” the Jewish support group, calling itself Jews in the AfD, said in a statement that was posted on social media. “Therefore we are willing to compromise, especially because a complete prohibition of shechita would most likely gain the AfD many votes.”  Shechita is the Hebrew word referring to Jewish ritual slaughter.

The statement continued that the group would only agree to a ban if the government did impose restrictions on importing kosher meat.

The statement added that banning ritual male circumcision, another part of the party’s platform, is “non-negotiable,” as it is “indispensable for Jewish life in Germany.”

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