Killer filmed Paris kosher supermarket attack

Marcy Oster

(JTA) — The Islamic terrorist who killed four Jewish men at a kosher supermarket in Paris filmed the attack.

Amedy Coulibaly recorded seven minutes of the attack on a video camera, including the shooting deaths of three of the victims, CNN reported Friday, citing a U.S. intelligence official. Citing a French source close to the investigation, the French magazine L’Express made an identical report.

Coulibaly wore the GoPro camera, often used in extreme-action video photography, on his torso during the Jan. 9 attack, CNN reported. It is not known whether Coulibaly had time to send the video by email during the standoff.

He tried to connect to the Internet on his computer and then on a computer in the store during the attack. Coulibaly was seen editing video on the computer.

Coulibaly had maps of Jewish schools in his car on Jan. 8, a day before the attack on Hyper Cacher, when he killed a police officer south of the city center.

Mohammed Merah, who killed three children and a rabbi in March 2012 at a Jewish school in Toulouse before fleeing the scene on a scooter, also filmed his attack using a GoPro camera strapped to his body.