Kahlon announces he will stay out of politics

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Likud government minister Moshe Kahlon said he would not establish a new party, despite high polling numbers.

Kahlon, the outgoing communications minister, said Saturday night that he would take a break from politics as he announced last month, and that he would support Likud and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the upcoming elections. 

I have announced I am taking time out from political life. I will not run for the 19th Knesset and I am firm in my decision,” Kahlon said. “Likud is my home, my political and social home,” he added. “In the coming elections I will work for victory by Likud headed by Netanyahu.”

Polls had shown a new party headed by Moshe Kahlon garnering up to 20 Knesset seats in new elections.

Kahlon is interested in working outside the government to promote social and economic reforms.

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