Jews barred from Temple Mount over flyers


JERUSALEM — Jews were barred from visiting the Temple Mount following Muslim agitation over inflammatory flyers.

Police in Jerusalem prevented non-Muslims from visiting the Temple Mount Sunday morning after the discovery of flyers hanging in the area stating that members of the ruling Likud Party were scheduled to visit the Temple Mount Sunday in order to “declare that healthy leadership begins with total control over Temple Mount.”

The flyers were issued in the name of Likud Party hard-liner Moshe Feiglin of the Jewish Leadership faction of the party, who garnered some 23 percent of the vote in the race earlier this month for leadership of the party.

Feiglin, who denied any connection to the flyers, had been scheduled to visit the Temple Mount with members of his faction. He and his three guests were turned away Sunday morning, as Muslims on the Mount gathered to protest.

He reportedly has visited the Temple Mount on the 19th of every Hebrew month for the last ten years.