Jewish Or Not: Camila Giorgi?


Team JONJ, Jew Or Not Jew

It’s a right of Jewish passage to wonder who out there in the world is Jewish too, especially famous people like actors, singers, athletes, and even social media stars and YouTubers. It’s just something we do.

So, to better answer the question about whether that person is Jewish or not, we’re partnering with Team JONJ at Jew Or Not Jew, a website dedicated to this exact topic. The site is hilarious so please give them a read, so they’ll stay partners with us.

Camila Giorgi

One of the joys of our Olympic coverage is diving deep into the well of Jewish athletic obscurity. Australian race walker? Israeli surfer? Italian tennis player?

Since tennis has a higher profile than most Olympic sports, that last one is not THAT obscure. Camila Giorgi has been on the WTA tour for over a decade, so she is somewhat known… if not that good. She’s won only two titles in that span, and has reached the quarters of a major just once. (Alright, someone who has won two professional titles and has risen as high as #26 in the world is pretty good. Just not great.)

At the Tokyo Olympics, Camila exceeded expectations, upsetting three higher-ranked players to make it all the way to the quarterfinal. Alas, this is where she fell short.

But we’re pretty sure Camila will do pretty well for herself, despite her lack of tennis superstardom. If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, head over to Google images and…

Where were we? Oh, right, Camila Giorgi: yet another Olympic Jew! We hope you enjoyed our Olympic coverage!

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