Jewish center slated for southern Poland town

WARSAW, Poland (JTA) – A Jewish center will be built in Radomsko in southern Poland, which has been empty of Jews since the Holocaust.

The center, funded by the Polish Jewish community, will be built next to the town’s Jewish cemetery. It is being constructed in order to host the hundreds of Hasidic visitors to the cemetery who  each year make pilgrimages to the grave of Shlomo Chanoch Hakohen Rabinowicz, the fourth and last Rebbe of the Radomsk Hasidic dynasty. Rabinowicz built a network of 36 yeshivas across Poland and Galicia that enrolled over 4,000 students by 1939. He and his entire family were killed in the Warsaw Ghetto in August 1942.

The foundation stone for the new Jewish center was laid on Monday. The center will include a room of memory dedicated to the history of the town’s Jews.

The town authorities expect the center to attract tourists and investors. The Radomsko Jewish center will be the first such facility in the Lodz region.

Some 7,500 Jews lived in Radomsko prior to the Holocaust.