Jerusalem plans for snow storm as U.S. embassy issues warning

Marcy Oster

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Jerusalem began preparing for a predicted snow storm as the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv warned Americans in Israel to prepare for the stormy weather conditions.

Rain, heavy winds, freezing temperatures and snow are scheduled for throughout Israel this week.

“We advise you to monitor the weather conditions, plan ahead, and prepare for any scheduled travel accordingly,” read the message for U.S. citizens e-mailed Friday.  “Similar weather conditions at this same time of year in 2014 resulted in the closure of major roadways, stranded and isolated motorists, and difficult/perilous travel conditions.”

To prepare for the snowstorm expected later this week, the Jerusalem Municipality is cutting down overhanging branches, repairing roads, and preparing to operate tow trucks and snow ploughs, the municipality said in a statement.

Heavy rainfall throughout the country over the weekend caused the Sea of Galilee to rise a centimeter, reaching 212.83 meters below sea level. The freshwater lake is full at about 210 meters below sea level.