Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi to step down as Israel Project head


WASHINGTON — Israel Project founder and president Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi said she will leave the group by July 1.

Mizrahi, who founded the group ten years ago, first announced she would step down in 2007 for family reasons, but rescinded that decision within months after the board said it could not find an adequate replacement.

The Israel Project seeks to garner fairer and more positive coverage of Israel through non-confrontational outreach to journalists.

Since 2007, the group has expanded considerably and now employs 75 people worldwide, with outreach to Europe, Latin America and the Arab world as well as the United States.

Among its initiatives, it has become well known for the TV ads it broadcasts on cable news networks during political conventions, emphasizing Israeli peace efforts and projects.

In statements, the group and Mizrahi said reorganization and management training helped set the stage for her departure.

The Israel Project is now seeking a CEO to replace her.

The Israel Project statement said Mizrahi “plans to establish a communications consultancy focusing on advocating for the rights and needs of special needs children.”

She will retain an advisory role.