Italian white supremacists arrested for inciting anti-Semitism

(JTA) – Italian police blocked the Italian version of the U.S.-based white-supremacist website Stormfront and arrested four people connected with it on charges of inciting racial and ethic hatred and anti-Semitism

The four, considered key organizers of the website, were arrested in Milan in northern Italy; Frosinone, near Rome; and Pescara, on the Adriatic Coast.

Police also raided the homes of 17 other Italians in an operation that took place Nov. 16 after more than a year of investigation. The investigation had been launched after Stormfront posted “blacklists” targeting prominent Jews.

Police confiscated fascist and neo-Nazi propaganda material, including banners, pins and other objects bearing swastikas, as well as knives, baseball bats and other objects that could be used as weapons.

The Italian media reported that lists of possible targets of violent attacks were also found, including Roma (Gypsy) camps in northern Italy. Rome police chief Fulvio Della Rocca said that the arrests had “averted more serious problems.”

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