Italian neo-Nazis convicted for racist, anti-Semitic activites

Marcy Oster

ROME (JTA) — Six men belonging to the Italian neo-Nazi group Militia were convicted by a Rome court for racist and anti-Semitic activities.

The men will spend from eight months to eighteen months in prison

Among the people charged were Maurizio Boccacci and Stefano Schiavulli, part of Militia’s leadership and directly responsible for many hate incidents against Jewish targets and also for an attempt to reconstitute the Fascist party.

Militia recently had publicly marked the anniversary of the death of Erich Priebke, an SS captain convicted of war crimes for participating in the massacre at the Ardeatine caves in Rome on March 24,1944. Priebke died in October, 2013.

During a hearing trial in March 2014, Schiavulli also intimidated Rome Jewish community leader Riccardo Pacifici by threatening: “We are going to meet soon.”

In August 2014, Militia called for a boycott of Jewish-owned stores through a massive poster campaign.