It doesn’t end with Birthright


By Samantha Altit, Courtesy of JUFNews

When I left the University of Illinois at the end of the school year I didn’t realize that my summer was going to be all about Israel. I had amazing plans to visit Israel and afterwards be a part of JUF’s Lewis Summer Internship program and work in the Israel Education Center (IEC)….

Now it is my turn to help other students find their connection to Israel. I plan to help encourage others to learn about Israel and become more involved with the Jewish community on campus. The IEC, Jewish community and Hillel have so much to offer and every Jewish student should take advantage of this great opportunity. I plan to go back to Israel for the spring semester to study abroad at Tel Aviv University. I am excited to go back on a new journey and find new adventures in a place I truly love.

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Joe Winkler is the online coordinator for JTA.