Israel’s Knesset dissolved, new elections called for Sept. 4

Israel’s Cabinet agreed to hold early elections for the 19th Knesset on September 4.

The Cabinet on Sunday morning authorized the Ministerial Committee on Legislation to submit a law for Knesset approval to hold elections on September 4.

New elections did not need to occur before October 2013, the official end of the current Knesset’s term.

“I would have been very happy if we could have completed the term, which was also my goal, but it is no secret that with the start of the government’s fourth year, the coalition is fraying somewhat,” Netanyahu said at the start of Sunday’s Cabinet meeting. “It therefore seems to me that the right thing to do is to go for a brief election campaign. We are proposing September 4, after which, God and voters willing, we will receive a mandate, create stability, and successfully lead the State of Israel in dealing with the great challenges we still face.”

Netanyahu said he intends to form “as broad a government as possible,” following the upcoming elections. Current polling data shows that Netanyahu’s Likud Party could garner up to 30 seats, up from its current 27, in the next election. 

Netanyahu was embarrassed Sunday night at his party’s convention, where he had hoped to be elected president of the Likud Central Committee, in order to determine who will be chosen to fill the new Knesset seats.

Hundreds of Central Committee members signed a petition calling for a secret ballot for the vote. An open vote reportedly would have increased the chances of Netanyahu being elected. Lawmaker Danny Dannon will challenge Netanyahu for the position.

The vote for president of the Likud Central Committee was delayed. Likud primaries are expected to be held in early June.

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