Israel’s foreign minister visiting Azerbaijan

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israel’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is visiting Azerbaijan for an official visit.

Lieberman, who arrived Sunday evening in Iran’s neighbor to the north, is scheduled to meet with the country’s president and other high-ranking officials, according to reports.

Lieberman’s visit comes a month after the American magazine Foreign Policy reported that Israel was granted access to four former Soviet airbases in the Caucasus nation, raising the fears of U.S. officials that it is readying an attack on Iran. Azerbaijani officials denied the report.

Also on Lieberman’s schedule is an event marking the 20th anniversary of Israel and Azerbaijan establishing diplomatic relations and the dedication of an Israeli culture center in the capital, Baku, according to Ynet. 

In February, the state-run Israel Aerospace Industries inked a $1.6 billion deal to sell drones, anti-aircraft and missile defense systems to Azerbaijan.

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