Israeli Vice Prime Minister’s Facebook, Twitter accounts hacked

JERUSALEM (JTA) — The Facebook and Twitter accounts of Israel’s Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom were hacked by a pro-Palestinian organization.

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ZCompanyHackingCrew claimed responsibility for the early Wednesday morning cyber-attack which also included Shalom’s LinkedIn and YouTube accounts.

The hackers filled the social media pages with pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel status updates.

The background photo on Shalom’s Facebook page was changed to show a masked Palestinian terrorist with a slingshot with the Palestinian flag in the background and the words “Free Palestine.”

The hackers posted the first anti-Israel text at 2 a.m. reading: “Killing Palestinians is anti-Semetism in itself and nothing is more anti-semetic than Zionism” (sic). The posts went to Silvan Shalom’s 5,445 Facebook friends and 967 subscribers.

The picture on his Twitter account was changed to an Israeli flag with the words “Stop Killing People.”

The hackers tweeted messages of solidarity to Gazans, tweeting: “We are the people. End the war. End the Occupation. Freedom to the Palestinian people.”

Apparently fake posts by Shalom appeared in succession within seconds of each other, including protests about how the Holocaust is considered “only a Jewish catastrophy” (mistake in original text) and a question: “As you are all aware that we are being brutally f***d by hamas, so should we finally surrender?”

A list of people supposedly killed in Israel’s attacks of Gaza was also posted, along with the assertion that “the world is standing against us. We might have a strong army to kill Palestinians but we don’t have moral support to win this war. I support Free Palestine now.”

The attack comes days after the personal information including national identity number, phone number and e-mail of thousands of Israeli was posted on a website, and after Israeli Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz said that Israel had prevented 44 million cyber-attacks on government websites. 

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