Israeli security inspects some Arab visitors e-mail accounts

(JTA) — Israel has begun inspecting e-mails of some Arab visitors and expelling those visitors that are deemed a threat to the country. 

Israel airport security officials are asking some Arab visitors upon their entry into the country to log on to their e-mail accounts in order to conduct a security search on them for any incriminating activities, according to the Associated Press. 

The inspections have targeted Arab visitors in order to root out any individuals with histories of pro-Palestinian activism. 

At least three Arab-American women have been expelled in recent weeks after their e-mail accounts were searched, according to the AP.

The report indicates that Israel has become stricter in its security policies following clashes with international activists that continue to attempt to break through Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip. 

Israel has used social media in order to identify and prevent activists from boarding flights to Israel. 

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