Israeli extremist who wrote Jewish terrorist guide sentenced to 2 years

Julie Wiener

(JTA) — The 24-year-old Israeli who authored a how-to guide for Jewish extremists conducting anti-Arab terror attacks was sentenced to two years in jail.

The Rehovot Magistrates’ Court sentenced Moshe Auerbach (spelled Orbach in some media reports) on Thursday for writing “The Kingdom of Evil” handbook, the Israeli news site Walla reported. Auerback also received six months’ probation.

The handbook is believed to have been used by perpetrators of the fatal firebombing of a Palestinian home in July and the arson at a church on the Sea of Galilee in June.

“Kingdom of Evil” speaks of the “necessity” of attacking the property of non-Jews in Israel and provides detailed instructions for attacking mosques, churches and Palestinian homes, along with tips on how to beat Palestinians to the point of unconsciousness.

According to i24 news, a whole chapter of the booklet focuses on torching houses.

Auerbach was charged last month with sedition, incitement to violence and possession of racist materials.

In his ruling on Auerbach, Judge Menahem Mizrahi said the handbook has “destructive” potential. He said the punishment is necessary to deter Auerbach and others from writing and circulating more materials like it.

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