Israeli-Arabs demonstrate against Assad


JERUSALEM — Israeli Arabs demonstrated against Syrian President Bashar Assad a day after the United Nations General Assembly approved a resolution condemning his crackdown on dissenters.

The General Assembly voted Feb. 16 by a vote of 137 to 12 with 17 abstentions to approve a non-binding resolution that condemns Syria for its 11-month crackdown on protesters and endorses an Arab League plan that would require Assad to step down in favor of a democratically elected government.

It is similar to a resolution vetoed in the U.N. Security Council by China and Russia two weeks ago.

Thousands of Israeli Arabs demonstrated Friday in Kfar Kanna in Israeli’s north, chanting slogans including “Bashar al-Assad leave,” and “Let the people live.”

More than 5,400 civilians have been killed during the 11-month uprising, according to the U.N.