Israel targets Syrian army post in retaliatory strike


JERUSALEM (JTA) — An Israeli airstrike hit a Syrian army post near the border in retaliation for a rocket that struck Israeli territory in the Golan Heights.

The rocket that fell in Israel on Thursday afternoon is believed to be spillover from Syria’s long running civil war and did not cause any injuries or damage. The Israel Defense Forces typically responds to spillover gunfire and mortars with return fire. There were no reports on Syrian injuries.

“The IDF will not tolerate any attempt to undermine the sovereignty of the State of Israel and the security of its citizens,” the IDF said in a statement Thursday. “The IDF holds the Syrian regime responsible for any aggression from within its territory.”

Earlier this week, Syria targeted Israeli fighter jets on routine patrol over Lebanon, and Israel retaliated by striking and incapacitating the missile launcher, which was deep in Syria. Syria’s military warned of “dangerous consequences” for Israel’s “repeated aggression” following that attack.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a statement issued earlier this week from his office said “Our policy is clear: If anyone attempts to harm us, we will harm them back.”