Israel strikes Hamas positions in Gaza following rocket launch


(JTA) – Terrorists in Gaza launched three rockets at Israel’s direction, prompting the air force to strike forward positions of Hamas in the northern Gaza Strip.

The Iron Dome interception system took out two of the rockets launched into Israel Friday and the third exploded in a kibbutz near the border damaging a building, the Israel Broadcasting Corporation reported. No one was hurt on the Israeli side.

Earlier this month, on Dec. 8, a rocket that was launched from Gaza exploded north of the kibbutz targeted Friday, damaging several vehicles in the city of Sderot but resulting in no injury. Another rocket exploded in open terrain, causing no damage. Israel struck six Hamas positions in retaliation to that attack, injuring 15 people, according to Palestinian media.

Israeli officials warned that Hamas, which has controlled the Gaza Strip since 2007, will be held accountable for any cross-border hostility in the area.