Israel strikes Gaza sites after weekend of rockets


JERUSALEM — Israel’s Air Force struck two sites in the Gaza Strip after a weekend of rocket attacks on southern Israel.

Israeli aircraft late Saturday night struck a weapons manufacturing site in northern Gaza, and a home in Gaza City which a statement issued from the IDF called a “terror activity site.” Three people were injured in the strike, the Palestinian Ma’an news agency reported.

Two Kassam rockets were fired Friday night at southern Israel and three long-range Grad rockets landed near Beersheba on Saturday. No injuries or damage were reported.

Also Friday, according to the IDF, an RPG anti-tank missile was fired at IDF soldiers near the security fence, which damaged the fence. Following the soldiers’ arrival at the scene an explosive device was detonated in Gaza. Israeli soldiers responded with tank fire, according to the IDF.

“The IDF views such actions of attempting to harm the citizens and communities of Israel as severe. The Hamas terror organization which uses terror against Israel, and dangers the civilians of the Gaza Strip, will be held accountable for the consequences of any future actions carried out by the IDF, in order to remove the terror threat and restore relative calm to the area,” the IDF said in a statement.

More than 30 rockets fired from Gaza have struck Israel so far this year, according to the IDF.