Israel, Palestinian attempt self-immolation

TEL AVIV (JTA) — An Israeli man and a Palestinian man were both stopped by police from setting themselves on fire.

Tuesday’s attempted self-immolations both occurred in front of government buildings, in the Israeli city of Kfar Saba and in the West Bank town of Dura.

Both came as a result of economic distress, according to the Jerusalem Post.

The Post did not identify the Israeli man, and reported that the Palestinian was Khaled Abu Rabia, who has two wives and ten children, and who works for the Palestinian Authority police force.

The wave of self-immolations began on July 14, when Moshe Silman, an Israeli, set himself on fire to protest his dire economic situation. He died one week later from his burns. Since then, several Israelis have attempted self-immolation. On Sunday, Gaza City resident Ihab Abu Nada died after setting himself on fire. 

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