Israel in retaliatory airstrikes targets Gaza rocket launchers

JERUSALEM (JTA)  – An Israel Air Force aircraft attacked two concealed rocket launchers in the northern Gaza Strip hours after a mortar attack from Gaza.

The attack on the Gaza rocket launchers occurred on Thursday afternoon, according to a statement from the Israel Defense Forces Spokespersons’ Unit. The statement did not say if the launchers were destroyed in the hit.

On Thursday morning, Palestinians fired two mortars from central Gaza into Israel. The mortars were aiming for IDF soldiers patrolling the border area, according to Ynet.

“Launching rockets against Israel and its civilians is a breach of our sovereignty. We maintain the right to operate against those who are involved in terror,” said IDF Spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner.

The attacks occurred on the first anniversary of Operation Pillar of Defense, an IDF operation in Gaza launched to stop rocket strikes on southern Israel after more than 100 attacks over two days.