Israel closes Erez border crossing with Gaza after attacks injure civilians

Marcy Oster

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israel closed the Erez border crossing with Gaza after sustained attacks on the crossing which injured three civilians.

At least a dozen mortars were fired on the crossing, used by sick and injured Gazan civilians to receive medical treatment in Israel, on Sunday afternoon.

The three injured reportedly were Israeli-Arabs waiting to take a group of people injured in Gaza from the crossing to Israel for medical assistance, Ynet reported.

Ynet also reported that two of the wounded are Bedouin from the Rahat community and one from eastern Jerusalem. The injured are in serious to moderate condition, according to Israel Police.

Fifty people had been expected to cross into Israel via Erez on Sunday, according to Israel’s Ministry of Defense.

The crossing is closed “until further notice,” the ministry said in a statement, “except for life-saving action.