Iran to cross ‘red line’ this summer, ex-Israeli military intel chief says

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Iran will cross Israel’s “red line” for nuclear activity by this summer, Israel’s former director of military intelligence said.

“In the summer, Iran will be a month or two away from deciding about a bomb,” Amos Yadlin said Tuesday. “We have about two months to sleep soundly, until the [Iranian] elections. After that, I believe the Iranians will have to make a difficult decision.”

Yadlin was speaking at a conference organized by Tel Aviv University’s Institute for National Security Studies, which he serves as director.

He also said Israel is capable of attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities without outside assistance and can take any Iranian response to such an attack, Haaretz reported.

In a speech at the United Nations General Assembly last September, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu drew a “red line” for Iran’s nuclear production, saying that Iran must halt uranium enrichment before it produces enough 20 percent-enriched uranium for one bomb.

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