India issues arrest warrants against Iranians in car bombing


India has issued arrest warrants for three Iranians in connection with a bomb attack on an Israeli Embassy car.

A New Delhi court issued the arrest warrants on Wednesday, marking the first time that India officially has linked the Feb. 13 attack to Iran. The attack injured the wife of an Israeli diplomat,

The men named in the warrants reportedly left the country immediately after the attack, The Times of India reported.

The Indian Express quoted an unnamed security source as saying that the men entered and left the country separately, and that their travel details have been documented.

The government reportedly will ask Interpol to issue international arrest warrants.

Indian journalist Syed Mohammed Kazmi was arrested last week in connection with the attack. He reportedly was in touch with an Iranian intelligence officer and visited Iran prior to the car bombing.

Israel has blamed Iran for the New Delhi explosion, as well as an attempted bombing at the Israeli Embassy in Tiblisi, Georgia, on the same day and an explosion the following day in Thailand.