IDF kills two Palestinian men in West Bank hours apart

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Two Palestinians were killed by Israeli troops during two different operations in the West Bank within a few hours of each other.

Thursday morning, a Palestinian man was killed in the West Bank city of Kalkilya. An elite IDF force entered Kalkilyah to arrest a terrorist cell. The Israeli soldiers were fired upon after entering the city, and returned fire, hitting and killing Saleh Yassin, 28, a member of the Palestinian general intelligence service.

No Israeli soldiers were injured in the incident.

Late Wednesday, a Palestinian man, 22, was killed and four others wounded in Jenin during clashes over an arrest operation by Israeli Police in Jenin.

The police force entered to arrest a wanted suspect who is a member of Islamic Jihad.

Jenin residents fired on the soldiers and threw firebombs at them, according to the police, sparking the clash.  The wanted terrorist fled the scene.