IDF Female Soldiers Caught Posting Inappropriate ‘Selfies’

The IDF female soldiers in the photo that got them in trouble. (Walla)

The IDF female soldiers in the photo that got them in trouble. (Walla)

Teenage girls and mentally ill/substance addict celebrities aren’t the only ones posting half naked ‘selfies’ on the Internet.

Cue a group of females from the IDF who were disciplined for taking the sexy Israeli soldier image a bit too far. The new recruits were found modeling (faces blurred) in their underwear and posing dressed only in helmets and minimal combat equipment.

No word on what punishment was executed, but the entire military base is now reaping the rewards. Military officials said the base conducted educational lectures in hopes of keeping soldiers from repeating the social media sacrilege.

This isn’t the first time the Israeli military has been chastised for inappropriate Internet conduct. In 2010, a male Israeli soldier was filmed lewdly dancing around a blindfolded Palestinian woman. In February a male Golani Brigade soldier was reprimanded for posting pictures of himself mishandling weapons while in uniform on Instagram. The controversial shots were accompanied by anti-Palestinian captions.

Jillian Scheinfeld Jillian Scheinfeld is a JTA intern.