IDF calls up 13,000 reservists for mass West Bank training exercise

Marcy Oster

JERUSALEM (JTA) — The Israel Defense Forces called up 13,000 reservists and held a surprise training exercise in the West Bank.

The two-day drill that began Sunday was designed to prepare the reservists for a possible escalation of violence in the West Bank. It simulated mass protests by Palestinians, as well as clashes between Palestinians and Israeli soldiers. The drill also was to train soldiers for possible kidnap scenarios.

Some 3,000 reservists participated in the drill, according to reports, while another 10,000 were put on alert.

The IDF reportedly sent word to the Palestinian Authority that the call-up and exercise was only a drill.

The Palestinians have threatened to halt security cooperation with Israel in the West Bank over Israel’s decision to withhold tax monies collected on behalf of the P.A.