Hungarian lawmaker proposes “registering” Jewish lawmakers

BUDAPEST (JTA) – A far-right Hungarian lawmker suggested that members of the Hungarian Parliament who are Jewish or of Jewish origin be counted and registered

Marton Gyongyosi of the far-right, anti-Semitic Jobbik party on Monday made the suggestion in a parliament session during a discussion of the recent conflict in Gaza “in order to avoid the national security risk caused by the Jews,” he said.

Opposition parties in Parliament called in interviews on opposition television programs for the dissolution of the Jobbik Party in the wake of Gyöngyösi’s statement, though they offered no reaction during the Parliament meeting.  

Foreign State Undersecretary Zsolt Nemethsaid said during the session that he cannot support such “research,” adding  that “there is no relationship between the  number of Jewish origin members of the Hungarian government and the grave conflict in the Middle East.”

During the government’s session, Gyongyosi asked the prime minister why the Hungarian Foreign Ministry sided with Israel in the Gaza conflict instead of the Palestinians.

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