Hundreds injured, fainted over Yom Kippur

JERUSALEM (JTA) — More than 200 Israeli children were injured in bicycle-related accidents in Israel on Yom Kippur.

With few if any cars on Israeli roads, Yom Kippur is a popular day for bicycling in the street.

In addition, 130 people who fainted in synagogue were tended to by teams from the Magen David Adom. Some 145 women who went into labor also were taken to the hospital in ambulances on Yom Kippur.

Magen David Adom was called out for 2,566 medical incidents and took 1, 973 people to the hospital, a 9 percent rise over last year.

Also on Saturday, Yom Kippur day, a 4-year-old girl drowned in a mikvah in Bnei Brak. She and her brothers had found the door to the ritual bath unlocked and decided to play there, according to reports.